Road to Recovery

Hello Readers 🙂

So, yesterday afternoon I started to feel a little sick and last night I was full blown man down 😦 I’m not sure about you but when I’m feeling under the weather I CRAVE junk food and am hungry every hour for junk! However, it’s a new year and I will not allow myself to give in to my cravings! So after my healthy supper which was two Woolworths Slimmers choice beef patties and a salad I had some frozen grapes as my snack, yes thats right, FROZEN grapes.. I find as it takes a lot longer to eat them I get full before I land up finishing the whole box! Hehe… It also takes away that sweet tooth craving 🙂

Today I am still feeling a little run down but nothing a bit of vitamin C and a positive attitude can’t heal! I have added in the link for the yummy Woolworths beef patties for your reference…

Link: Woolworths Slimmers Choice Patties

Have a lovely day everyone




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