New Diet

Hello Readers 🙂

It’s a new week and I am finally rid of my flu… Now that I am back at gym full time i thought what better time to try out a new eating plan! I got my idea from the book called The Warrior Diet – Basically it introduces nutritional stress, not by restricting total calories, but by cycling periods of fasting or under-eating for over 12 hours—or sometimes 16—a day. “With these short-term fasts, you trigger stress response agents,” says Hofmekler.

My first day was yesterday, I drank Rooiboss tea and coffee throughout the day and I did not get hungry at all, by the time it came to supper around 19:30, yes I was hungry but not ravenous. After supper I was so full I didn’t even need a snack, whereby in the past I always craved a snack after supper. It was only my second day but lets I am so interested to see how my body changes with this new eating style.

I will be touching base soon!





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