21 Day Detox !

Hello Guys!

So… I thought I would share my latest goal I have set for myself to aid in my healthy lifestyle living 😉 I started a 21 day detox two weeks ago, today is day 17 and I have never felt better!

I decided to do this to reboot my body basically to kick start my year with a bang! The difference in the way I feel and look is amazing! I have been told I am looking radiant, that I have lost weight (which is probably water weight) and my energy levels are sky high! I also have a sense of clarity which I felt I never had before the detox! I have been feeling so good during this detox that I may decide to limit my drinking to special occasions only! I never realized how drinking can take such a toll on ones body!

I urge everyone to try a 21 day detox and experience the results I have… They say it takes 21 days to break a habit! Come on guys challenge yourself 😉 !






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