13 Things You Should Give Up If you Want To Be Successful <3

Hello Guys,

If you have a chance, please go read this article… It has truly inspired me and the first thing I am going to give up is Number 13. TV and social media… I am going to limit the amount of time I spend watching TV to 30 min at night before bed. If I am honest I spend at least 3/4 hours a night watching TV during the week! What a waste of precious time!

So, I challenge you… what are YOU going to give up?

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful



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21 Day Detox !

Hello Guys!

So… I thought I would share my latest goal I have set for myself to aid in my healthy lifestyle living 😉 I started a 21 day detox two weeks ago, today is day 17 and I have never felt better!

I decided to do this to reboot my body basically to kick start my year with a bang! The difference in the way I feel and look is amazing! I have been told I am looking radiant, that I have lost weight (which is probably water weight) and my energy levels are sky high! I also have a sense of clarity which I felt I never had before the detox! I have been feeling so good during this detox that I may decide to limit my drinking to special occasions only! I never realized how drinking can take such a toll on ones body!

I urge everyone to try a 21 day detox and experience the results I have… They say it takes 21 days to break a habit! Come on guys challenge yourself 😉 !





New Diet

Hello Readers 🙂

It’s a new week and I am finally rid of my flu… Now that I am back at gym full time i thought what better time to try out a new eating plan! I got my idea from the book called The Warrior Diet – Basically it introduces nutritional stress, not by restricting total calories, but by cycling periods of fasting or under-eating for over 12 hours—or sometimes 16—a day. “With these short-term fasts, you trigger stress response agents,” says Hofmekler.

My first day was yesterday, I drank Rooiboss tea and coffee throughout the day and I did not get hungry at all, by the time it came to supper around 19:30, yes I was hungry but not ravenous. After supper I was so full I didn’t even need a snack, whereby in the past I always craved a snack after supper. It was only my second day but lets I am so interested to see how my body changes with this new eating style.

I will be touching base soon!




Happy Hump Day!

Hello Guys!


First off, happy hump day… Half way through the week! So an update on my journey… I am still sick from last week! So, rule number 1… NO TRAINING! However, this small bump i the road has not stopped my lifestyle 🙂 I have been doing yoga daily to sweat out these toxins and still keep my body active and healthy, I have given yoga a break and only started again this week and it has been the best move! I am so relaxed and calm, I feel I have had a full workout after class and am even more motivated that I was last week. I highly recommend this to anyone out there looking to de-stress and get in tune with themselves. Once I get better I will be sure to include Yoga in my lifestyle at least twice a week 🙂

Road to Recovery

Hello Readers 🙂

So, yesterday afternoon I started to feel a little sick and last night I was full blown man down 😦 I’m not sure about you but when I’m feeling under the weather I CRAVE junk food and am hungry every hour for junk! However, it’s a new year and I will not allow myself to give in to my cravings! So after my healthy supper which was two Woolworths Slimmers choice beef patties and a salad I had some frozen grapes as my snack, yes thats right, FROZEN grapes.. I find as it takes a lot longer to eat them I get full before I land up finishing the whole box! Hehe… It also takes away that sweet tooth craving 🙂

Today I am still feeling a little run down but nothing a bit of vitamin C and a positive attitude can’t heal! I have added in the link for the yummy Woolworths beef patties for your reference…

Link: Woolworths Slimmers Choice Patties

Have a lovely day everyone



Let’s start 2017 with a Bang!

A new year a new beginning… I have started this blog to share my new journey in Cape Town and my road to a healthy happy lifestyle! I’m sure a lot of you can agree with me that we all ‘fall off the wagon’ every once in a while, well I did and this year I’m coming in with a BANG!

I am going share my health success and share how I find my balance in living my life to the fullest whilst mainting a healthy living. I hope my story can inspire you to start yours 💕